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i love small business!

There's nothing more rewarding than helping a local business grow and thrive, 
especially in a tough economy. My goal is not to advise you to invest
tons of your hard-earned profits into expensive advertising campaigns,
but to teach you how to use grassroots and guerrilla techniques 
to optimize your exposure and maximize your results.


I accomplish this goal by:


Creating website designs and content;
Developing logos, advertising programs and brand identities;

Coordinating special events, promotions and customer retention programs; 

Designing and implementing marketing and merchandising programs for local businesses; 

Creating guerrilla marketing programs and cooperative relationships; and

listening to you 

and evaluating your needs!


even small businesses

need big ideas!

Remember . . . most big businesses started out being small.
But they didn’t start out thinking small.

Thinking big is how they got where they are today.  
And that’s how you can bring your business to the next level.  

All it takes is some unbiased analysis, a little elbow grease
and a lot of creative thinking.


that’s where i come in

I can help guide you through the marketing maze
and help you reach the pinnacle of your success.

 what makes me different?

For starters, I listen...
to you, to your customers,
and to the big dogs in the industry.

I also look at your marketing challenges
from a completely different perspective.

Then I find ways to save you money
in other areas so you can
afford to do more marketing.

After all...I know
your budget is not unlimited!


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Is YOUR business

on the web?

Let's discuss some simple

and effective ways to

enhance your online image. 

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how can i help? 

Whether your goal is to
increase your sales,
enhance your image,
or to improve your bottom line,
I can put my "outside the bulb" marketing skills to work for you
and let you focus on what you do best.

Let's talk about you, your business,
and your vision for the future
in order to discover how, together,
we can make your adventure
more rewarding.




Art Smith

404 740 1467


I'm going to Salon LGBTQ!

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