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Hey everyone.... 
It's been a long 2 months of renovations at brushstroke pleasures but we are finally done!!!! Come see our new DOUBLE WIDE store and celebrate with us! 

On Saturday June 15th from 3-5 pm,Chi Chi Larue hosted our grand opening!!! 

She was there with a few barely dressed boys from her company, 
helping to raise money for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence !!! 

A great time was had by all.
Chi Chi amused and entertained us for hours.  We even captured some great video of her
with Sister Ursula Polari, Marci Alt, Brian Sharp and Brushstrokes' own Tim.

Watch this page for a link to the video once it's posted!

Cheshire Bridge Road Needs your support NOW!

also, please post this through your social media profiles and get the word out!

This Monday [June 3rd, 2013] the Atlanta City Council is voting on legislation that would close adult businesses on Cheshire Bridge Rd. This legislation proposed by Councilman Alex Wan is the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever introduced in Georgia, as it would amortize out lawful, existing business. Whether you approve of adult entertainment or not, the real issue is allowing the city to designate which legal businesses they believe should be allowed to exist. We need you to call or send emails to city council members urging them to vote “NO” on the amortization legislation. This legislation affects your rights and freedom. By making ourselves heard this weekend, we hope to convince the City Council to respect these rights.

Carla Smith, Atlanta City Council District 1 - -404-330-6039
Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Council District 2 - -404-330-6038
Ivory Lee Young, Atlanta City Council District 3 - -404-330-6046
Cleta Winslow, Atlanta City Council District 4 - -404-330-6047
Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council District 5 - -404-330-6048
Howard Shook, Atlanta City Council District 7 - -404-330-6050
Yolanda Adrean, Atlanta City Council District 8 - -404-330-6051
Felicia Moore, Atlanta City Council District 9 - -404-330-6044
C.T. Martin, Atlanta City Council District 10 - -404-330-6055
Keisha Bottoms, Atlanta City Council District 11 - -404-330-6054
Joyce Shepard, Atlanta City Council District 12 - -404-330-6053
Michael Julian Bond, Atlanta City Council Post 1 - -404-330-6770
Aaron Watson, Atlanta City Council Post 2 - -404-330-6302
H. Lamar Willis, Atlanta City Council Post 3 - -404-330-6041
Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta -
Ceasar C. Mitchell, Atlanta City Council President - -404-330-6052
Alex Wan, Atlanta City Council District 6 - -404-330-6049

If you would like to send an email to all members at once copy and paste the addresses below into your email “To” field:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
[please replace the items below in GREEN with your personal information, 
then paste this into your email]

City, State Zip


My name is ____________ and I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed amortization ordinance affecting the NC4 & NC5 districts on Cheshire Bridge Rd. This legislation is the most damaging legislation ever introduced in Georgia. I respectfully submit that this affects my personal rights as a property owner. While I am not an advocate of any particular kind of business or use, I am an advocate of personal property rights being respected. This is the foundation for good commerce here in Georgia. This legislation is not endorsed by the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors nor a number of other respected commercial real estate bodies. Being a (resident/business owner) in the great City of Atlanta, I urge you to vote against this anti-commerce legislation.
In addition, the Atlanta Zoning Review Board voted last month NOT to endorse this proposed legislation.  Please see the wisdom in their decision and VOTE NO on this item.


Credentials: (Teacher, resident, businessman, administrator, parent, etc.)

Phone Number: 


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