In days gone by, when someone said 'book trailer', the image of a well-worn RV with a vinyl banner plastered on the side came to mind.  Its dingy paneled interior featured shabbily-constructed cheap bookcases stacked with hundreds of used and abused books about history, aliens and cooking.  A frumpy woman in an oversized pink cardigan stood watch at the door, and the lanky, stubble-faced driver glared creepily at the crowd. 
Those days are long gone. Enter the new breed of literati, embracing technology in the pursuit of new readers.
New Orleans native and acclaimed author Christopher Rice recently unveiled his 21st century interpretation of the book trailer.  Not at a major shopping mall or regional book show, but on the internet. ... YUP, it was on YouTube.  Who would have thought books would have trailers just like movies?  Leave it to the innovative and social-media savvy Rice to preview his latest tome, The Heavens Rise, via video.

Check out the video.  Order the book. And follow Chris' latest adventures on Twitter [@chrisricewriter].  You'll soon figure out why this young author is taking the New York Times bestseller list by storm.
And maybe you'll learn a little something about how you can market your own business via social media.   
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