The new year has begun and it's time for some [business] resolutions.  I personally believe '13 is going to be a very lucky year, for me and for those who have the right attitude about their professional lives.  2012 was a challenging year in many ways, but challenges only make us stronger and more determined.
I have relocated to the dynamic city of Atlanta GA, home of Coca-Cola, Ted Turner and the 1996 Olympics.  The energy here is amazing!  Old neighborhoods are being revitalized, new businesses are sprouting up and existing businesses are expanding.  
Enter Me.  As you can tell from this website, I have an intense passion for marketing and a love of small business.  I am always happy to offer a referral to the businesses I enjoy working with, and eager to get involved in the local community.  Fortunately I have maintained or reestablished contact with friends and associates from my former stay in Atlanta [1983-1998], and many have enthusiastically offered to support my efforts here.  It's almost like I never left, even though I have been gone for about 14 years.  It's definitely good to be back.
Now, for the resolutions:
  1. Make new connections.  Introduce yourself and/or your business to a few people a day.  This adds up quickly.  By the end of the year you will have made 1,000 or more new acquaintances and [hopefully] a dozen or more new friends or clients;
  2. Reconnect with old friends.  Use FaceBook or Google if you must.  Ask around: somebody probably knows what they are up to.  You'll be amazed at the results, both professionally and personally;
  3. Get Involved!  Attend a fundraising event or two.  Support a worthy cause.  Donate to a charity that provides services you wish you had the time to do.  Make yourself a pillar of the community;
  4.  Practice random acts of kindness.  Do something extra-special for a friend, neighbor or business associate and expect nothing in return.  Of course, you will get something back.  Even if it's just peace of mind; and 
  5.   Be your own worst critic.  Scrutinize every aspect of your business.  Does the logo need updating? Is your web presence strong enough? Does your business look inviting? Is your sign visible and easy to read? Are there improvements you can make?  This is the time to do them!

These are just five possible resolutions for your business.  Think about it and I am sure you'll be able to come up with a dozen more.  If not, CALL ME and I'll be happy to help out!
Let's make this year LUCKY '13! 
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