Generating curiosity has always been a good way to get the attention of your prospects and customers.  Never before has this been so easily incorporated into your marketing plan than now, thanks to a decade-old 'invention' by Toyota's Denso Wave subsidiary.  So
on to celebrate its 20th birthday, the QR code is still somewhat of a novelty here in the United States.

WHO can use this technology?
Anyone who wants to generate interest or pique the curiosity of random passersby or specific prospects. 

WHAT can QR codes do?
These two-dimensional cousins of the bar code can access internet content, initiate email, IM and SMS actions on your phone, or connect you to a vCard or other text information.  

WHERE can QR codes be found?
As popularity of this powerful tool grows, you will see these quirky pixelated boxes everywhere: on posters and billboards. storefronts, business cards, resumes, packaging and more.  

WHEN should I start using them for my business?

Now, if not sooner.  Get on board with this technology and show your contacts, connections and customers how cool you are.  Add them to your flyers, use them in your ads, print them on bumper stickers.

WHY do I need a QR code?
It is a great way to direct people to your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or online ad.  You can use it to streamline email inquiries, transmit contact info or provide a phone number.  The uses are practically endless.

HOW do I get one?
For a long list of QR code generators, search Google or Bing for results.  My personal favorite is because it offers some cool options not available from other services.  And IT'S FREE!

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