Building a brand is about a lot more than selling carbonated beverages around the world or making your company name a household word.  It's about creating a consistent and identifiable image for your product or service.  Although most people don't equate the term 'brand identity' with the local mom-and-pop market or their neighborhood handyman, anyone who has a business or craft is well-advised to consider the benefits of branding.
Let's briefly examine the situation of artist Clay Hood.  Once you have met him and seen his work, there is an indelible image engraved into your memory. His work is big, but he is not.  Small in stature, Clay makes up for it with a flair for the dramatic.  He has appeared at gallery openings and other events wearing translucent butterfly wings, gilded crowns and outrageous outfits of every description.  Platform shoes, exotic chapeaux and wild fabrics set him apart from the crowd.  You'll never forget him.

So, too, is his artwork unique.  Clay is best known for his oversized imagery, focused largely on eyes and the female face.  His strokes are bold, his colors intense.  And many of his works are larger than life [much like the artist himself].  One notable project was a building he painted in downtown Tampa.  Slated for use as a rehabilitative arts center, the building was wrapped in his art.  
Even the names of his shows often reflect his style.  A 1998 exhibit at Club Liquid in South Beach was entitled 'Eye Candy', an obvious reference to his colorful paintings and their prominent imagery.  Over the years, Clay has painted on just about anything that would sit still long enough: boxes, doors, furniture, apparel and yes ... even canvas.  But no matter the substrate or media, his personal style shines through.

That's what building a brand is all about.  Learn more about Clay Hood and his awesome artwork at or at
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