1. Craig's List
    Create a Craigslist account for your business and post something there several times a week under a variety of categories. Always include an eye-catching graphic, exciting headline and link to your website.

  2. MeetUp
    At the very least, create a MeetUp profile for your business. Include your logo and business-related photos. Write an interesting company bio. Include links to your favorite sites (including your own), and join groups whose interests are aligned with your own. Consider setting up a MeetUp group and plan events where your online friends can meet you and interact.

  3. YouTube
    These days everyone has a digital camera and/or web cam. Make mini-vids of product or service presentations, or post your television ads online. Convert PowerPoint presentations to video and post them, too. You'll be amazed at the results.

  4. Network....network....network!
    Every one of your clients is the center of an online network. Use that to your advantage. Remember the Clairol ad, "...and she told two of her friends, and so on..."?

  5. Write!
    Write something interesting about your product or service, your people, or your industry. Publish it online for free. Be sure to include your web site info. Before long, you will be recognized as an expert in your field.