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sign of the times

Every business owner knows the importance of a sign proclaiming the name and nature of their business.  Local ordinances often restrict the size and placement of this signage based upon building frontage and other considerations.  Often, owners resign themselves to the nominal allowances set by these codes.  Careful examination of the law can result in improved visibility and higher customer traffic.  Larger street numbers are a good start.

flag them down

Many municipalities allow the display of flags in front of businesses.  National and state flags are common at automotive dealerships and club headquarters.  They draw attention to the location and impart a sense of patriotism.  But they do little to distinguish your location from the sea of flag-waving competitors.  Consider displaying a corporate flag as well.  Generally allowed by local codes, they can add up to one hundred square feet of signage.  And they add a sense of professionalism and stability no lighted sign can match.

in and out

In order to visit your place of business, your clients will most likely have to enter and exit the premises via a driveway.  Many local governments allow for simple signage to direct them off the main road and into your parking lot.  Although often limited to eight or ten square feet each, using two-sided signs at multiple points of entry can add in excess of one hundred square feet of signage … and make your business a safer place to visit.

windows to the world

Businesses on main thoroughfares are often designed with large display windows along the highly-trafficked roadway, allowing passing drivers to see the merchandise.  To maximize the effectiveness of this display space, the use of large items in a high-contrast setting works best.  Adequate lighting allows the window to attract customers even when the business is closed.  And most codes permit on-window signage covering twenty-five to fifty percent of the glass.

end result

By taking the time to evaluate the options set forth in local ordinances, or hiring an expert to do the work for you, you can really make your business stand apart from the rest.  A small investment now can save thousands in advertising over the years and make it much easier for potential customers to find you … and put their hard-earned dollars in your pocket.


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