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moooo-ve over

The history of branding is very much tied to the history of using animals as a commodity. The act of marking livestock with fire-heated marks to identify ownership begins in Ancient times, with use dating back to the Ancient Egyptians.  These marks were eventually associated with the heritage, quality and value of the property so branded.  Over time, this method of identification was extended to craftsman goods and artwork.  So begins the history of brand-building in the world of modern commerce. 

size doesn't matter

Small business owners often realize the basic importance of establishing a brand, at least on an elementary level.  Deciding upon a business name and logo are the first steps many entrepreneurs take when launching a new venture.  But the big dogs take it all the way.  Signature colors, bold graphics, consistent themes, product packaging and community interaction all bolster the image of our favorite major brands.  But they can do the same for the local business.  At nominal cost.  Act like you’re a big dog and watch the profits grow.

color me crazy

One of the strongest factors in creating an atmosphere consistent to your business concept is the use of color.  It is no coincidence that most fast food franchises use red, blue and/or yellow as the main colors in their logos.  The color scheme for your business should reflect the theme and focus of your concept and be appealing to your target market.  It should carry through wherever possible: printed materials, signs, price tags, business cards and advertising.  Develop your identity and set the stage for success.

something smells fishy

Have you ever noticed how the sweet aroma of cinnamon buns or the alluring scent of freshly brewed coffee lures customers from across a busy mall?  Or how a fragrant rose can bring back memories of those summer days at grandma’s house?  The sense of smell is strongly linked to memory.  Put this knowledge to good use.  Make your place of business smell like success.  Even if that sounds fishy. 

sounds like a winner

Use common sense.  Or common senses.  We have already covered sight and smell.  The third obvious topic is sound.  Music makes the magic.  We all instinctively choose different types of music for different occasions.  Who would choose to play the soundtrack to a tragic opera at a wedding?  Would you blare disco music at a funeral?  The same holds true for your business.  Give some thought to the most appropriate genre of background music and listen to the sweet sound of success.

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