Movement catches the eye.  Everyone knows this.  It's the driving force behind sleight of hand.  It's the reason movies are so much more popular [and lucrative] than books.  And it works in advertising, too.

Animated banners, video ads and moving text all serve to increase awareness of your message.  Until recently, however, this was a realm reserved for geeks and big-budget advertisers.  Today, virtually every business can [and should] have some sort of animation in their online messages.  They don't have to be complicated or filled with high-dollar effects, they just have to grab the viewer's attention.

In fact, studies show that online advertisements that last longer than 12-15 seconds lose the attention of the viewer.  When planning your animated advertisement, think 'billboard' ... make the message short and sweet, and direct the viewer to your website for additional information.

That's all for now.

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