There are as many ways to get your name in front of your audience as there are people and products on the planet.  Some are time-consuming, expensive and ineffective.  Others are simple, affordable and extremely effective.  Most fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.
One insurance company has found a way to get their name in front of millions of customers and prospects while tugging at the heart strings of all who see their message.  I'm not talking about the Progressive SUV's that occasionally show up at accidents or the GEICO sedans cruising your nearby streets.  I'm talking about a brilliant State Farm campaign.

As a sponsor of Georgia's HERO [Highway Emergency Response Operators] program, the company name and logo has been emblazoned on the sides and back of 86 emergency response vehicles roaming Georgia's streets and highways, as well as recognition on signage, websites and through media outlets.  This sponsorship, in place for over 4 years now, gives unparalleled visibility for the state's largest insurer as well as increasing the company's image as a do-gooder. 
Furthermore, we all know how effective accident scenes are at grabbing attention.  Everyone looks at a roadside crash as they pass by.  It's like having a billboard right in the lanes of traffic on Georgia's interstate highways.
For a company with assets in the range of $115 billion and annual net profits exceeding $1.5 billion, the $1.5 million annual pricetag was a proverbial drop in the bucket.  If your company's net profits are $100,000 the proportionate expense would be about $100!  
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