Expressing your true feelings and genuine thoughts is an integral part of blogging and, indeed, all social media interactions.  Being true to yourself [and your brand] is what builds your brand image and strengthens your bond with your audience.  There's really not much point in feigning affection for a cause or a concept if your real-world interactions will speak to the contrary.
This idea flies out the window, however, if you happen to be a well-known stand up comic with a reputation for the ridiculous.  Enter Conan O'Brien.  The awkwardly tall redhead recently joined the ranks of LinkedIn influencers ... or did he?  His rambling post acknowledging his latest accomplishment was riddled with sarcasm and poked fun at everyone from Bill Gates to Ronald Reagan to Malcolm Gladwell.
His 'letter to LinkedIn' is ridiculously self-aggrandizing, punctuated with erroneous remarks and random nonsense.  At one point Conan proclaims, "Ronald Reagan once said 'Jellybeans!', While that has nothing to do with anything here, it did take up space at the top of this paragraph, making this post seem longer."   He also refers to blogging as "a privilege reserved only for Earth's best and brightest one billion people."
Although this method may work for someone like Conan, it is the polar opposite of what most bloggers should be doing.  The point, after all, is to express your ideas and build your brand.  Unless your goal is to be a parody of yourself, I suggest not following in Conan's footsteps.  [Besides, he must wear a size 15 shoe and that would be awkward for most of us].
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