'Tis the season when many businesses see a surge in sales [and profits] but many seem to lose sight of their own image in the process.  You have spent countless hours on graphic design and merchandising for your business over the years, choosing a very specific 'look' that represents your image and brands you as a unique operation.  Then the holidays come along and it all flies out the door [or up the chimney].
In an effort to fit in with the spirit of the season many entrepreneurs and business owners abandon their trademark image in lieu of the more traditional reds, greens and golds.  And they slip right back into that abyss of conformity.  One window display begins to look a lot like the next.  You gotta ask yourself: 'How does this relate to my brand?'

The holiday season really has nothing at all to do with red and green.  It's about being festive, expressing goodwill and showing your style.  My logo colors are purple and lime green [as you have undoubtedly noticed by now].  And I prefer to stay away from anything too 'spiritual' or religious in my holiday decor.  But that doesn't prevent me from participating in the season.  The items pictured above fit right in with the spirit of the holidays, but none of the items shown are specifically Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa items. 
Start your holiday decorating plan by collecting the things that represent what your business is all about.  If you're a car dealer, Hot Wheels could be a great start.  Or hubcaps. Neiman Marcus made a complete tree out of vintage car fenders and taillights a few years back.  Think outside the proverbial [gift] box.  

Add lights and sparkle to your display to draw attention and captivate your customers.  Choose colors and styles that 'jive' with your image.  Large, vintage-style bulbs in traditional colors are perfect for an antique store, while bold LED lights might be better suited to a modern furniture retailer.  Express your business personality with your display and sit back.  The oohs and ahhs are just around the corner.
For a little added impact, consider a prop rental firm for that "pop" piece.  Eclectia in Atlanta, for example, has a dazzling array of larger-than-life items that will turn heads ... and renting these items saves you money and affords you the option of doing something different every year.  The professionals who staff these showrooms will also be happy to offer you FREE advice.

What are you waiting for?  Make this the most memorable holiday season in the history of your business.

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