I have mentioned many times that the building of a strong and consistent brand identity is critical to the success of any venture, no matter how big or how small.  Without a solid image it's easy for a rival to come along and steal your glory ... and your profits.
Over the decades, businesses across the globe have spent endless hours [and countless millions of dollars] perfecting their logos, color schemes and brand personalities.  Consumers identify with the brand, become confident in the integrity of their products and services and establish a bond that can last a lifetime.
Case in point: Nike.  Once the underdog in the athletic footwear market, Nike spent years formulating a strategic plan, formulating powerful alliances and adhering to a corporate image.  The trademark 'swoosh' and signature orange packaging reinforced their brand and helped build an empire.  Today, the company proudly emblazons their logo on more footwear than any other company, as well as countless other products [golf balls, duffel bags, shirts, sock, sports gear and more].
Brand building isn't only important to international giants like Nike, however.  McDonald's, Wendy's, Coca Cola, and Macy's all started as local businesses ... and you see where they are today.  Even 'fictional' products have benefited from solid branding strategies.  The merchandising of movie-themed toys and clothing is one example of branding at work.  Generally, the products have some degree of relevance to the brand, but there's no telling where it could lead.
This Batman Wedding Ring proves that, sometimes, all you need is an audience.  The Batman franchise has amassed such a loyal fan base, some people will buy anything displaying the stylized bat logo on it.  While it is highly unlikely that your logo will reach this level of appreciation, it certainly can help your business on the road to success.  Create a complete brand identity and you're already leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

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