Every business owner on the planet knows the value of a good sign.  Properly placed and visible to passersby, a good sign can make the difference between survival and success.  Often this is one of the first investments a business owner makes when starting out on a new venture.  Nothing new to report there.
However, a bad sign can have the exact opposite effect.  Dingy, poorly lit, hidden signs can be the death of a new business ... or an existing one.  Every time I pass a retail establishment or restaurant I have never shopped in or eaten at, I determine whether or not I want to go there based largely on the sign and the exterior of the business.  Today I encountered one such business.

Granted, this is not the primary sign for Perla Tacqueria on Piedmont.  But it IS on their property. And it is visible to anyone who goes through the Drive-Through or circles the parking lot.  I don't know about you, but it doesn't instill a lot of confidence in me that they have any respect at all for the image of their business. And the second half of the sign [below] is even more alarming.  
The lesson here:  Take your signage seriously.  It represents your business.

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